Innovation Studio readying metal shop, complete redesign

When Nebraska Innovation Studio opened in 2015, it was a pre-eminent makerspace unlike anything else in the state — and it’s only getting better.

By the end of 2019, NIS will boast a metal shop, larger instant prototyping inventory and larger woodshop, among other improvements.

A new classroom for groups has been completed. NIS Director David Martin said the classroom opened in May and has welcomed school groups, a Solid Works hobby group and the Native Youth Summer Academy.

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Nebraska Innovation Studio Shop Manager Jerry Reif works with a virtual welder to calibrate it. The virtual welders will be available to train aspiring welders.

Closed in Observance of Independence Day

The NIC Administrative Office, Nebraska Innovation Studio, and The Mill Coffee & Bistro will be closed on Thursday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day. Regular business hours will resume on Friday, July 5.

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4th of July Image

What If...: Quantified Ag

Quantified Ag: Called a "FitBit for Cows," high tech ear tags created by a Lincoln company and founder Vishal Singh make it easier for cattle producers to monitor animal health. This story is part of "What if..." a program exploring innovation and creativity in Nebraska. Video>>

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"What If..." a new NET Television series about innovation and creativity

'Each table is a small victory' - How volunteers and salvage lumber are helping flood victims

The idea came to John Ingram when he gathered with his family around their dining room table, but he didn’t know it yet.

This was a couple of months ago, when Nebraska’s rising rivers were forcing people from their homes.

“We were talking about how terrible the floods were, and how sad it was that people were losing everything — and they weren’t able to have a dinner like we’re having,” he said this week. “We were talking about how we could help. That’s what we do as neighbors, as Nebraskans. We help.”

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Will Cox (left) places a cup of in front of his dad, Brian, as they test out a table they are building at Nebraska Innovation Studio. The table, built out of reclaimed wood from Habitat for Humanity of Omaha, will be given to a family affected by the flooding this spring.

MatMaCorp brings genetic testing technology into veterinary clinics

Scientific instrument manufacturer, MatMaCorp has developed a system that enables veterinary clinics to conduct inhouse genetic testing for their clients rather than outsourcing to larger high-tech labs.

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Solas 8 device and the two kits (MagicTip kits for DNA and C-SAND kits for tests) sold by MatMaCorp

Nebraska Innovation Studio, extension helping communities transform libraries

Back in 2012, Beatrice Public Library leaders and stakeholders had an eye toward the future as they drew up plans for a building renovation. Among the ideas was an area to house a makerspace.

“Some in the public hadn’t heard of this concept, so we ended up not having the full space,” library director Laureen Riedesel said. “We do have a 3-D printer and computers set up there, and our idea is to let it evolve and as people become aware of what we have, they’d ask for machines that we could add.”

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Max Wheeler (pointing to computer screen), NIS instructional designer, leads a training for Library Innovation Studios May 22.

Nebraska Recycling Council CHaRM event at NIC

The Nebraska Recycling Council is celebrating Earth Day in Lincoln by holding a CHaRM Event (Collection for Hard to Recycle Materials) at Nebraska Innovation Campus on Saturday, April 27th from 9 a.m. to Noon. Cars will enter from Salt Creek Roadway at the far east entrance close to the 27th Street overpass.

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CHaRM Event

Innovation Studio creates opportunities for entrepreneurs, businesses

Since opening in 2015, Nebraska Innovation Studio has been a boon to Nebraskans looking to create new businesses, products and ideas.

The 3D printers – one of the most popular tools for innovators – are nearly constantly running.

“I call it instant prototyping,” Chris Rhodes, NIS member and entrepreneur, said. “(3D printers) are super beneficial because your turnover time is a lot faster and the cost is considerably cheaper than finding a company or purchasing a printer.”

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Charles Briggs, industrial design specialist with Hudl, assembles a Hudl Focus. The Focus was developed through a prototype process that utilized Nebraska Innovation Studio. Hudl has relied on the studio for prototyping many hardware components.

Shaun Ilahi uses art to tell overlooked stories, spark connections

Shaun Ilahi is not like most people. As a lawyer in the general counsel in Omaha for Habitat for Humanities, he helps with affordable housing construction and provides support and services to underserved areas. But Ilahi is also a budding artist, striving to redefine what society defines as beauty.

The Wisconsin native completed his undergraduate degree in Brooklyn, New York, and discovered his love for travel and finding beauty in things around him that others don’t see.

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Virtual Incision keeps building, learning at new Innovation Campus home

A mosaic of framed photos depicting great American innovators and explorers -- the Wright brothers, Amelia Earhart, Nikola Tesla -- are a constant reminder of Virtual Incision's central ethos.

"We do things, we build things here," said Shane Farritor, the chief technology officer of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln spinoff that designs and manufactures small, lightweight surgical robots.

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Virtual Incision, the UNL spinoff co-founded by professor Shane Farritor, continues work to develop surgical robots in the group's office and lab at Nebraska Innovation Campus. Farritor said the company's target customers are rural hospitals, or as he calls them, "Nebraska hospitals."