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Lincoln resident to turn battleship wood into electric guitars

When most of us see an abandoned factory or forgotten pile of wood, we see a ruin--something to discard completely.

But not Phil Whitmarsh. He sees history, and his task is to make you hear it.

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Phil Whitmarsh is turning wood from the USS Battleship Texas into electric guitars.

Veterans in Recovery program supporting America’s heroes

For men and women in the military, coming home isn’t always an easy adjustment. They can often experience PTSD, anxiety and depression. That’s why a Vietnam veteran in the Capital City is hoping to change that by creating a recovery program.

Since 2015, the Nebraska Innovation Studio has given students and community members the ability to innovate and explore their creativity. Now that same studio has opened their doors to our country’s bravest heroes.

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A veteran turns a pen on a midi lathe at Nebraska Innovation Studio.

Nebraska Innovation Campus home to one of a kind stomach wellness facility

The Food Innovation Center, located at Nebraska Innovation Campus, hosted an event to showcase several of its dietary and nutrition programs Wednesday.

One of the groups is called Nebraska Food for Health Center; a group that has invested over $40 million into its research.

What it researches is using micro-biome research to link agriculture and food production to wellness and disease prevention.

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Food Innovation Center facilities

Hour of Code teaches kids lifelong skills

Learning to speak the language of computers was the focus at Saturday's One Hour of Code, held at Innovation Campus. Coding and computer science knowledge are skills that many parents and teachers think are lifelong and it is best to start learning young.

"This is the life that they live," said Kathie Schoonveld, a parent. "They're going to have this forever."

Saturday's One Hour Code Event could be looked at as a way to spend a Saturday morning, or it could be seen as a way to develop a lifelong skill.

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Hour of Code took place at the Nebraska Innovation Campus Conference Center on Saturday, December 7.

Woodturning helps Veterans in Recovery

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - As veterans work to adjust to civilian life, the VA in Lincoln said it's important men and women go through new experiences that are outside of their comfort zone.

Some are overcoming behavioral health problems related to their service.

Now a new program at Nebraska Innovation Campus is serving as a stepping stone to help veterans on their road to recovery.

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