Our growing roster of partners at Nebraska Innovation Campus includes the following private businesses and University of Nebraska entities.

Adjuvance Technologies Inc

As a privately held biopharmaceutical company, Adjuvance empowers health through fundamental breakthroughs in vaccine adjuvant design and manufacturing. Adjuvants are critical components to improve immune response in vaccines. Located in the Biotech Connectors rental space on campus, the collaboration will help grow Nebraska's biotech company.

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Atmospheric and Environmental Research

AER is dedicated to advancing the scientific understanding the atmosphere, ocean, and space environment and translating that into actionable information for partners. AER experts provides comprehensive, insightful analyses tailored to each client's concerns. AER has worked closely with academic communities, including Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to develop and apply robust science to help solve problems and further our understanding of the global environment. May of AER's scientists collaborate extensively with university scientists and researchers on an array of externally-funded research projects. 

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Biotech Connector

Located on the fourth floor of NIC's Food Innovation Center, the Biotech Connector (BTC) provides an affordable innovation incubator for emerging biotech companies. The connector will lease laboratories to small and startup companies with goals of expanding the state's biotechnology industry and creating jobs. Companies utilizing the lab space span a range of disciplines, including biomedical research, pharmaceutical development and agriculture. Additionally, BTC offers research partnerships and educational programs that provide opportunities for life science industries in Nebraska.

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Bolero Information Systems LLC

Bolero Information Systems, a software development spinoff founded by staff members at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is a web application development and design company that specializes in research administration and business process automation. While at Nebraska, the Bolero team developed a software platform to help manage complex research administration activities. The system automated manual processes, streamlined reviews and provided critical management reports to the university. 

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Celerion conducts clinical research studies for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, for investigational medicines currently in research and development, to treat a wide variety of illnesses and conditions.

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Children's Center for the Child & Community

The center on NIC's campus aims to integrate health care and public health efforts to improve the heath of children statewide. The center collaborates with towns and cities in Nebraska to create local solutions to large-scale children's health issues, like childhood obesity and food insecurity. Additionally, the center will strengthens the organization's role in advocacy and health care policy. 

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CropX optimizes and automates farm management, using the world's most scalable platform to integrate data from both above and below ground. Their cloud platform crunches data from their soil sensors integrated with multiple layers, to provide the best insights on when, where and how much to irrigate and fertilize and the best crop protection plan to follow.

Echo Canyon Services

Echo Canyon Services, a Managed Data Services company, provides big data services, enterprise resource processes and business process management services. 

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Epicrop Technologies

As a startup founded by University of Nebraska faculty, Epicrop is developing revolutionary epigenetic technology for improving crop yields. Epigenetic technology is unique in that it is able to improve crop yields and stress tolerance without making any changes to the DNA sequence of the plant. Epicrop has the potential to improve nearly every crop, perennial or annual. Epicrop's use of epigenetics will play an important role in feeding future populations.

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The mission of Nebraska's Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) and Institutional Development Award (IDeA) is to build the state's research capacity and competitiveness, invest in workforce development, and foster public-private partnerships in science, technology, engineering and mathematics
(the STEM fields), as well as biomedical research. Nebraska EPSCoR harnesses talent at the state's universities and colleges to compete for merit-based federal funding that supports research infrastructure and capacity building projects. They contribute to the state's workforce development through educational and research opportunities for K-16 students, graduate students and junior faculty, and spur economic development through partnerships with private industry.

FDMR (Suji’s Cuisine)

Food Dreams Made Real, a company specializing in Korean foods, is the first international company to occupy space at Nebraska Innovation Campus. The purpose of Food Dreams Made Real is to explore flavors of one region, then work to bring those flavors to other markets around the world. The University of Nebraska's Food Processing Center is helping to develop Korean recipes that would appeal to the American palate.

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Food Allergy Research and Resource Program

The primary mission of FARRP is to develop and provide the food industry with credible information, expert opinions, tools and services relating to allergenic foods, novel foods and genetically modified products. FARRP takes a comprehensive approach to working with and collaborating with research institutions, including NIC, to improve the safety of the food products for consumers with food allergies and sensitivities. 

Great Plains Safety and Health Organization

Great Plains Safety and Health Organization promotes safety, health and environmental responsibility by providing affordable professional education, support and advice. Their office space allows them to fulfill their mission by providing resources in transportation, occupational, recreational and domestic safety to individuals throughout the state. 

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Hastings HVAC

Within the equipment industry, Hastings HVAC is committed to researching, developing and constantly learning new ways to make their products consumer and dealer friendly. At NIC, Hastings HVAC conducts metallurgical and new product research on heating, ventilating and air handling products as well as biological engineered pollution remediation compounds and equipment.

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Invest Nebraska

Invest Nebraska builds a better future for our state by providing financial and operational assistance to high growth companies, advancing the entrepreneurial economy, and attracting out-of-state capital to Nebraska.

JCA Electronics

JCA develops complete control systems for mobile vehicles. They design and manufacture the physical components that go into a control system, including the wiring harnesses, sensors, and the electronic controllers. The electronic controllers are computers with the processing power to run complex software, and designed for the harsh vehicle environments that they are subjected to. They also develop the software that runs on these rugged computers and it is the software that provides the unique functionality that each of our customers' needs.

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Jord Producers

Jord Producers is a commercial-scale mealworm production facilities in Nebraska's heartland. The facility meets the growing demand for a sustainable, alternative protein in the animal feed and human food sectors.


KRVN is a nine-station network spanning Nebraska with coverage into Iowa, South Dakota, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming. Now with a news bureau and production studio at NIC, the station is able to cover stories connected to NIC partners, programs and events.

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MCNA Dental

MCNA Dental provides high-quality services to state agencies and managed care organizations for their Medicaid, Children's Health Insurance Program and Medicare members. 4 million children and adults throughout the country are served through MCNA Dental. Their office at NIC gives MCNA Dental the opportunity to develop innovative solutions for dental service delivery for Nebraskans. The MCNA Dental team is committed to the success of the Nebraska Medicaid Dental Program as well as improving access to vital dental care and services across the state. 

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MetaGenome Analytics

As the first faculty based bioinformatics company, MGA's products target the food and public health sectors. This allows public and private entities to capitalize on next-generation DNA sequencing and technology. The company's products allows clients to differentiate and track subpopulations of pathogenic microorganisms or monitor complex communities made of thousands of different microbial species. This ultimately translates massive amounts of complex next-generation sequencing data into actionable information to improve productivity, quality and safety in the food industry.  

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Nebraska Alumni Association

The Nebraska Alumni Association strives to connect alumni with Dear Old Nebraska U, and with each other, for the betterment of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. By becoming a member of the Nebraska Alumni Association, UNL alumni can stay up to date on university and alumni successes, receive career advice and tips as well as offer member discounts on a variety of products and services. 

Nebraska Food for Health Center

The Nebraska Food for Health Center, a multidisciplinary center, brings together the strengths between agriculture and medicine throughout the university system. Specifically, it helps develop hybrid crops and foods to improve the quality of life of those affected by critical diseases, including heart disease and cancers. Additionally, the center focuses on preparing a talented workforce for careers in food health, establishing research programs to develop food with proven heath benefits. The center's efforts brings agricultural production, food processing and medical research together to improve the health of people in this country and around the world. 

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Nebraska Innovation Campus Development Corporation

Nebraska Innovation Campus is connecting the talents of experts, companies and the university to create a unique culture of innovation. The NIC campus is designed to facilitate new and in-depth partnerships between the University of Nebraska and private sector businesses. Adjacent to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, NIC strategically provides access to research faculty, facilities and students. 

Nebraska Innovation Studio

Nebraska Innovation Studio is the creative and collaborative hub of Nebraska Innovation Campus. Here makers and builders can team up, conceptualize, prototype and iterate projects that solve problems, influence change and comment on our society. Nebraska Innovation Studio is more than just a building of tools, it's about building a culture of innovation. 

Nebraska Public Transit Mobility Management

In Nebraska, mobility management begins with a community vision for all modes of transportation working together to deliver enhanced transportation choices. Coordination of services plays a key part in maximizing existing transportation resources. The Nebraska Department of Transportation launched Phase 3 of the Mobility Management Project in July 2019. The Mobility Management initial phases began over 10 years ago. Over the next three years, strategies will be implemented across the state.

Nebraska Safety Center

Work done by the Nebraska Safety Center includes providing instruction in safety education and service through seminars and workshops, coordinating of statewide programs and researching n safety education. The center's mission is to conserve human and economic resources through safety and accident prevention. The center's location at NIC provides access to the NIC Conference Center, an important space used for trainings. Their office space allows the center to provide resources in transportation, occupational, recreational and domestic safety to Nebraskans throughout the state. 

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Neurocarrus is developing N-001, a therapy that fulfills the unmet need for a product that can safely and specifically disrupt peripheral sensory neurons. Headquartered at NIC, Neurocarrus' leading technology is engineered for individuals experiencing pain as a result of tissue injury or inflammation as well as patients with acute pain after surgery. With the help of Neurocarrus, their team hopes to make an impact on human health through increased mobility and improved quality of life. 

NUtech Ventures

NUtech Ventures is the nonprofit technology commercialization affiliate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The NUtech Ventures team evaluates, protects, markets and licenses the university’s intellectual property to promote economic development and improve quality of life. They also promote entrepreneurship through programming, sponsored events and the NMotion startup accelerator.

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NuTek Natural Ingredients

Created by nature, nurtured in science and brought to life by expertise in R&D, manufacturing and sourcing, NuTek Natural Ingredients create cost-effective, clean label ingredient solutions for our customers and partners.

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Platform Cattle

Platform Cattle connects seed stock producers with high-value genetics customers in the cattle industry.

Quantified Ag

Quantified Ag specializes in improving animal ear tag technology and data collection. Their ear tag technology pulls behavioral and biometric data from cattle. This allows managers to see exactly what animals needs more of in regards to their health. This technology is able to prevent cattle diseases, maintain lower morbidity and mortality rates than ever before. 

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Robert B. Daugherty Water for Food Institute at the University of Nebraska

Water for Food works to address the global challenge of achieving food security with less stress on water resources through water management in agricultural and food systems. They are developing solutions to water and food security challenges by advancing research, policy and technological innovations. Additionally, Water for Food serves as a forum for conversation and collaboration by bringing together experts from around the world to help find solutions to water and food security challenges. 

SignalRx Pharmaceuticals Inc.

SignalRx Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a clinical stage company incorporated in Delaware in 2012, with operations in San Diego, California and Omaha, Nebraska. The company is focused on developing effective anticancer treatments inducing the immune system to attack cancer while blocking the most important and critical cell signaling pathways that cancer cells use to proliferate, migrate, metastasize, and recruit a blood supply. Their efforts are aimed at combining the maximum anticancer activity into their drugs by selectively inhibiting as many important cancer targets as possible in a well-tolerated non-toxic manner where they also engage the immune system machinery to achieve maximum synergistic anticancer effects.


Spreetail, an e-commerce company, strives to delight customers, create opportunity for their team and and revolutionize the communities they touch. Spreetail has expertise in software, business development, affiliate marketing, order fulfillment, operations and logistics, customer experience and business analytics. Their collaboration with NIC will continue to propel the company into becoming bigger within online retail. 

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Synbiotic Health

Multi-disciplinary team members with 100 years of cumulative experience in respective fields. Over the past decade, Synbiotic Health scientists have published their research in high impact journals and have obtained major research grants for their basic and applied research on gut health leading to the development of synergistic synbiotics, synbiotic technology, and strain development.

Tetrad Property Group

Tetrad specializes in specializes in implementing innovative and fiscally responsible real estate and construction solutions for private investment and public institutions throughout the Midwest. Tetrad promotes change and enhances efficiency in communities. Their expertise maximizes value for stakeholders in ways and provides efficient project delivery time, experienced project leadership and lower capital/occupancy costs to the public. 

Teys USA

Teys USA Inc is a part of the Teys Australia Group, located in the heart of the Midwest. Established in 2004, Teys USA is a customer-focused and proudly offers quality, sustainably sourced, multi-protein solutions to customers across North and South America. Their parent company is a fourth-generation, family-founded business that has been in operation for 74 years, and operates 6 beef plants in Australia, 3 of which are halal certified. As a vertically integrated entity Teys USA has access and visibility to the full supply chain networks of the global Teys Food Group, enabling them to deliver consistent, timely, quality supply to our customers, tailored to businesses across the value chain.

The Combine

The Combine is a statewide initiative supporting high growth entrepreneurs in food and agriculture. The program consists of commercialization support through mentorship and a capital readiness program, networking events, a network of partnering producers across the state, as well as incubation space at Nebraska Innovation Campus.

The Food Processing Center at University of Nebraska–Lincoln

The Food Processing Center serves as a major food processing and applied research hub. It integrates applied research with state-of-the-art pilot plants, laboratory services, product developers and a team that supports food entrepreneurship. The role of the center is to enhance value from the idea through ongoing market support. Additionally, the center offers the unique combination of technical and business development services to accurately reflect the nature of the food industry. 

The Mill Coffee & Bistro

The Mill Coffee & Bistro at NIC offers the coffee shop's signature coffees and teas as well as an expanded food menu of breakfast and lunch items as well as wine and beer. This Mill location provides a warm, welcoming, collaborative community in an environment that enhances education, research, and innovation. 

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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is the flagship public research university in Nebraska. It is a member of the Big Ten Conference and is home to nine colleges that provide an infinite number of possibilities. It is Nebraska's oldest university and the largest in the University of Nebraska system.

University of Nebraska–Lincoln Department of Food Science and Technology

The Department of Food Science and Technology aims to provide high-quality education and training to individuals preparing for careers in food science and technology in the food industry, academia or in the government. The department expects students to conduct basic and applied research in food science and technology. This research benefits the food industry as well as consumers. 

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University of Nebraska–Lincoln Industry Relations

Industry Relations works to advance public-private partnerships that involve the university with a focus on research collaborations. The team at Industry Relations works to build strategic, long-term relationships with companies, helps facilitate mutually beneficial collaborations, and provides customized solutions to address your unique needs.

Virtual Incision Corp.

As a startup company, Virtual Incision is developing a first-of-its-kind, miniature robot for abdominal surgical procedures. The robots are fully inserted into the abdomen via an umbilical incision, which reduces the invasiveness of the procedure. A surgeon at a bedside console controls the robot. Being at NIC allows Virtual Incision to grow as a company, connect with students and take advantage of the opportunities within the Nebraska Innovation Studio. 

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