Hour of Code teaches kids lifelong skills

Hour of Code took place at the Nebraska Innovation Campus Conference Center on Saturday, December 7.

Learning to speak the language of computers was the focus at Saturday's One Hour of Code, held at Innovation Campus. Coding and computer science knowledge are skills that many parents and teachers think are lifelong and it is best to start learning young.

"This is the life that they live," said Kathie Schoonveld, a parent. "They're going to have this forever."

Saturday's One Hour Code Event could be looked at as a way to spend a Saturday morning, or it could be seen as a way to develop a lifelong skill.

"Whatever you do in life, these days, code is involved," said Spencer Stock a parent. "Most people don't realize how much code is involved in everyday aspects of life, so I think it's important for kids to be literate with coding."

The event, put on by organizations throughout the Capitol City, had two coding labs and an entire upstairs devoted to tech and how it can be used.

"What it really gives kids a chance to do is learn the basics of computer science, learn about problem solving, creativity, communication, critical thinking," said Kent Steen, the curriculum specialist for Computer Science Education at Lincoln Public Schools.

Kids at LPS already get training on coding and computer science, but today is just another way to show tech off.

"You can learn a lot a lot of stuff, more things that you don't even know about and then you just learn about it and you know how to do it and then you just keep doing it and it makes you smarter," said Rosa Lavene, a child who attended One Hour of Code.

So, whether kids were coding a Minecraft game, driving a robot or experiencing virtual reality, kids today got a taste of where tech can take them in their future.

"Computer science is really a foundational skill these days, no matter what career area kids are going to go into it," said Steen. "They're going to have some experience with computer science and want to develop those computational thinking skills."

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