Virtual Incision keeps building, learning at new Innovation Campus home

Virtual Incision, the UNL spinoff co-founded by professor Shane Farritor, continues work to develop surgical robots in the group's office and lab at Nebraska Innovation Campus. Farritor said the company's target customers are rural hospitals, or as he calls them, "Nebraska hospitals."

A mosaic of framed photos depicting great American innovators and explorers -- the Wright brothers, Amelia Earhart, Nikola Tesla -- are a constant reminder of Virtual Incision's central ethos.

"We do things, we build things here," said Shane Farritor, the chief technology officer of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln spinoff that designs and manufactures small, lightweight surgical robots.

When Farritor, a UNL engineering professor, founded the company with UNMC professor Dr. Dmitry Oleynikov in 2006 after several years of doing robotic research for NASA and the U.S. Army (which continues to this day), they had no home office.

"We've always been a virtual company," Farritor explained, one that existed in the patents awarded and prototypes built.

As attention on its inventions transformed into commercial interest, Virtual Incision established an address at Nebraska Innovation Campus in 2014, a 300-square-foot space in the Innovation Advancement Suites. Read More>>