Lincoln company on forefront of COVID-19 vaccine battle

Adjuvance is developing a component that will strengthen a vaccine and prolong its dosage.

Tucked away in one of the many labs on Nebraska’s Innovation Campus lays the company Adjuvance.  At the beginning of the year they were asked by the National Institute of Health to join in on the global race to fight COVID–19. Four months later they’re making strides.

“We have plans right now to make a million doses of our adjuvant by the end of the year and 100 million doses by next fall,” CEO Dr. Tyler Martin said.

They aren’t making vaccines but rather a component that will enhance a vaccine and potentially prolong its dosage, it’s called an adjuvant.

“The antibody response is actually how strongly the body actually acted to the vaccine so you want a higher antibody count for immunity,” Amanda Villanueva said.

Currently, they are testing their product on mice as they wait to find a company to combine with a vaccine. Dr. Martin said we are still a bit away from seeing a widespread vaccine but he believes their adjuvant will be ready to go by this summer.

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by Macy Meyer