Brite Belt joins Alliance for Advanced Sanitation

Brite Belt, a company that specializes in flat conveyor belt cleaning and sanitizing, has joined the Alliance for Advanced Sanitation.

The alliance, launched by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and industry partners in 2015, works to improve sanitation approaches and practices with and for the food industry.

Brite Belt, based in Nevada, Iowa, focuses on the surface of the flat conveyor belt, which is a critical control point in food processing. Brite Belt conveyor cleaning and conditioning systems are designed to clean, condition and sanitize belt surfaces, saving food processors time and money.

"Thousands of conveyor belts all over the country need to be cleaned several times each day," said Angela Anandappa, director of the alliance. "Virtually every food processor has some type of conveying system, and we are interested in improving our ability to clean these surfaces effectively."

Many industries use the patented Brite Belt Conveyor Cleaning and Conditioning System for their sanitation needs. The system has received excellent market acceptance throughout multiple industries including neoprene, interlock, roller conveyors and stainless steel belting.

"Brite Belt is excited to join the alliance because our common goal is making food safe to consume and enjoy," said Brite Belt CEO John Morrow.

The Alliance for Advanced Sanitation is based in the Food Innovation Center at Nebraska Innovation Campus. Alliance activities are focused on all manners of food safety hazards, including microbial pathogens, allergens, toxic chemicals and water conservation in sanitation operations.

For more information on the alliance, click here.