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Rural Radio Network

KRVN keeps Nebraskans connected through their NIC-based broadcasts.

If you find yourself tuning that radio dial to a local Nebraska station, it's likely it might be a part of the Rural Radio Network.

The Rural Radio Network is a part of the Nebraska Rural Radio Association, the only farmer and rancher-owned organization in the country that owns their own radio stations. The purpose of the association and its 14 radio stations is to share agricultural news, weather updates and general information with greater Nebraska.

Most of the stations are dedicated to keeping ranchers and farmers updated with what's going on in the fields, but in association's case, their Lincoln-based bureau is charged with keeping the rest of Nebraska in the know with what's happening in the capitol city.

Their location at Nebraska Innovation Campus is a critical asset to this mission. By being at NIC, the association is located close to the hub of activity happening both on campus and in the Capitol — two entities that greatly affect agricultural producers in the state.

Since moving into their NIC location in 2017, the association has already expanded to a larger office space on the third floor. Farm broadcaster and video specialist Bryce Doeschot said the move shows that KRVN is committed to Lincoln and growing their bureau.

The team moved into their new NIC space in 2019, and is able to house their employees as well as their TV and broadcast equipment under the same roof. From cameras to recording booths and advanced technology, the association has everything they need to share the latest news across the state with ease.

In addition to the physical proximity to major news sources, NIC also provides the group with amenities that would be hard to find elsewhere. Conference room spaces allow them to host their board of directors and other large meetings, and being merely an elevator ride away from The Mill Coffee & Bistro gives them a fresh space to conduct interviews and meetings. Plus, by being so close to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln they have been able to bring on talented interns that are only a bus ride away from their on-campus classes.

Most importantly, the move to NIC has given KRVN opportunity. Instead of sending reporters back and forth to and from Lincoln, they are now able to fully immerse themselves in the city's news scene in order to stay on top of stories that need to be told to greater Nebraska. And they are able to do it in all while having an office space that can outfit their growing news and content teams. It's something that they're sure that no other location could offer.

Working on interview questions
It was kind of a blank canvas," Association CEO Tim Marshall said, "What could we make it?

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