Krishnamoorthy (Krish) Pitchai in the NuTek Food Science lab

NuTek Natural Ingredients

NuTek Natural Ingredients utilizes NIC for their health and wellness ingredients

Through their partnership with Nebraska Innovation Campus, NuTek Natural Ingredients has been able to develop a close and collaborative relationship with the university community.

NuTek creates affordable, delicious and nutritious alternatives for food staples. Their main product, Salt for Life, accomplishes that mission by offering up to 75% less sodium than the average table salt. Krishnamoorthy (Krish) Pitchai, NuTek's research and development scientist, explained that Salt for Life is able to do this by creating a salt that is rich in potassium. Potassium is an essential nutrient for our daily diets, but it's often under-consumed. With Salt for Life, consumers are able to get that important nutrient into their daily diets, all while reducing their sodium intake.

"What our Salt for Life gives consumers is a low sodium salt that is good for health while offering potassium, an essential mineral that is needed for the human body to function well,” Krish said.

Right now Salt for Life can be purchased through JES Restaurant Equipment online by visiting But it's not the only product NuTek is working on — their next step involves making changes in the world of preservatives. Most food products use preservatives to extend the shelf life of their products, but in doing that they fill the products with chemicals. Currently, NuTek is working on a fermented-based natural preservative that extends shelf life without adding unnecessary chemicals. The product is still in the development stage, but Krish said they should move on to the commercial phase soon.

NuTek's relationship with the Nebraska Innovation Campus community is a vital component in the development of their products. By being in such close working proximity to the food science and technology program, NuTek Natural Ingredients can utilize the students, facilities, labs and faculty to push along the research and development of their products.

"We get a complete package here," Krish said.

From conceptualizing a product to receiving feedback on the finalized version of it, NuTek is able to use Nebraska Innovation Campus to get their products in stores and on pantry shelves. They're creating newer, healthier alternatives for everyone — and it all starts at NIC.

Krish Pitchai and other worker in NuTek lab
We get a complete package here.

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