Nebraska Safety Center staff standing in front of sign

Nebraska Safety Center

Keeping Nebraska Safe

The Nebraska Safety Center's main goal is clear — to keep Nebraskans safe. Through their educational programs and trainings, they've equipped each and every person in the state with resources that enhance their quality of life and ensure that they get home safely each day for over 41 years.

The purpose of the Nebraska Safety Center is to promote traffic, industrial, home, fire and recreational safety. They might be most well known for one program that most all Nebraskans go through: driver education.

Along with driver education, the center leads trainings in pupil transportation, STOP and defensive driving courses, mining safety, van driver courses, motorcycle and ATV safety and much more.

"There isn't any job out there that isn't something that ties back to safety," Executive Director Mick Anderson said.

While the center is mainly housed on the University of Nebraska at Kearney's campus, they recently expanded their operations to include a NIC-based location.

The move was both practical and purposeful. Practical in the sense that the Nebraska Safety Center frequently works with the Nebraska Department of Transportation and it made sense to have an office in the same city as the DOT's headquarters, and purposeful because the center wanted to be surrounded by businesses that could utilize their educational programs.

"As we see NIC grow, there isn't a program we provide that a startup shouldn't be interested in," Anderson said.

With hands-on activities covering all realms of workplace and public safety, the Nebraska Safety Center has created innovative and interactive educational programs that prepare Nebraskans to live their personal and professional lives as safely as possible. By settling in to their new hub at NIC, they now have a professional setting that allows them to continue to produce effective resources that empower and protect the people of the state.

As we see NIC grow, there isn't a program we provide that a startup shouldn't be interested in.

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