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Bolero Finds Entrepreneurial Spirit at NIC

As an information software startup focused on making operations easier for institutions of higher education, being located at Nebraska Innovation Campus just makes sense for Bolero.

The Bolero team knows from firsthand experience the sheer amount of information that an office of research handles each day. In fact, their company was born in the University of Nebraska's Office of Research.

After starting their application in 2005 at the Office of Research, they spun off into their own company in 2017. Their web application helps institutions manage the process around research administration. From tracking proposal submissions, to awards accepted, to compliance information, their services allow the office of research at academic institutions to handle the administration tasks of their jobs with ease.

"I like to say that the Office of Research at UNL helps the researchers do their job," said Joel Brehm, director of user experience and design at Bolero, "And we help the Office of Research help those researchers."

Being located at NIC keeps Bolero close to their university roots, which helps them to make connections with other research institutions. Simple things like inviting clients to the NIC building on a Husker game day help to solidify their expertise and knowledge in the world of higher education.

Additionally, their NIC location allows them to flourish as a growing start-up. NIC regularly hosts conferences for members of their working community, which allows for companies like Bolero to continue to grow their network by meeting new professionals while also expanding their own skills and knowledge.

The location also has special perks — like a large campus space that allows for Bolero team members to take a break outside of the office and work from a coffee shop, conference spaces and public work areas. As an extra exciting bonus, the team has been able to build most of their office furniture through Nebraska Innovation Studio.

For Bolero, being at NIC isn't just about the perks. It's about the ability to grow as entrepreneurs while surrounded by a community that is doing the same in their own individual industries.

"Just being part of a entrepreneurial community brings opportunity," said Tim Savage, Bolero's CEO.

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Just being part of a entrepreneurial community brings opportunity.

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