Food for Health Seminar Series- Zac Lewis

Friday, December 9, 2022 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm Food Innovation Center (FIC) & Zoom

Zac Lewis, PhD will present as part of the Food for Health Seminar Series. Dr. Lewis is the Chief Science Officer of Synbiotic Health. Talk Title: Probiotics as a biotechnology, as food ingredients, and as a space for an industry career. Talk Summary: Come hear Zac talk about various lenses on probiotics including: • Ecological mechanisms of action • Health benefits under investigation • Methods of new strain discovery • Development of consumer products • Supply chain considerations that make us tear our hair out • Careers options for scientists in the probiotics industry An in-person reception will be hosted at 11:30am, outside FIC 277 auditorium on Innovation Campus. Seminar: Noon - 1pm CT This seminar will be in-person & streamed via Zoom. Email Allie Eaton for Zoom connection information.

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