NIC Aerial Image

The Vision

Nebraska Innovation Campus (NIC) is a research campus designed to facilitate new and in-depth partnerships between the University of Nebraska and private sector businesses. NIC is strategically located adjacent to UNL and provides access to talent, resources and success through UNL research faculty, students and facilities.

NIC provides the opportunity for private sector companies to become an intimate partner with the University of Nebraska.  NIC is a conduit that connects the talent and abilities of individuals, companies and the university.

At full build-out, NIC will be a 2.2 million square foot campus with up to 5,000 people working, living and playing in uniquely designed buildings of quality construction that promote positive energy, foster interaction and collaboration, and stimulate ideas, sustainability and innovation. Amenities will be provided that benefit those working on campus.

NIC is operated by the Nebraska Innovation Campus Development Corporation (NICDC), a private 501 (c) (3) corporation.