Several types of research at UNL are immediate candidates to 'translate' into new business opportunities:

  • A broad range of agricultural research, including applied as well as basic agricultural biotechnology with particular strengths in plant sciences and plant transformation - translating plant genetics research into new crops with drought resistance, increased yields or enhances characteristics for biofuels or human health.
  • Food science and food safety - UNL has the only degree program in animal food, for example. Our graduates and the research behind the program are in demand among national companies.
  • Energy sciences - wind, biofuels, wireless building control systems and nanomagnetics are among the areas of research that are being pursued to come up with environmentally sound alternative sources of energy.
  • Robotics - new tools for more accurate, less invasive surgical procedures.
  • Bone replacements - new materials are being developed by UNL researchers that may be used to replace human bones in patients who experience bone loss due to disease or injury.
  • Computer technology - two new companies already have been formed by graduates of the Jeffrey Raikes Honors Program in Computer Science and Technology.
  • Laser sciences - delivery of radiation for cancer treatments.
  • Transportation safety - bridge infrastructures, new materials and technologies that make our highways safer.