Partnership Advantages

  • The NIC is strategically located with excellent access to an interstate, highway, rail service, and two regional airports.
  • The Nebraska Advantage Act is legislation that provides incentives for businesses that invest in the state and hire Nebraskans. In this progressive, probusiness tax climate, corporate income and sales taxes are reduced or virtually eliminated.
  • The combined computer capacity at the Holland Computing Center in Omaha and UNL's computing center provides one of the largest supercomputing facilities in the nation.
  • Nebraska offers exceptional quality of life, clean air, excellent educational opportunities, safe environments, unmatched work ethic, business-friendly atmosphere, and a lower-overall cost of living.
  • The public power system provides customers with electrical power at some of the lowest rates in the nation.
  • Nebraska has an overall cost of living that ranks below the national average in all major categories, including food, housing, utilities, transportation, and health care.
  • The four campuses of the University of Nebraska system engage in considerable collaborative activities, particularly in research, and occupants of NIC would have access to these combined resources and established networks.